After the Graphomania activity, carried on with another technique was Calligrammes where words or texts were arranged into a symbol or an image that relatable to the content. Thus, we were told to choose a song or poem that we’d like to create a Calligrammes.

‘We don’t talk anymore’ by Charlie Puth was the song I choose. I carried on my idea of using a shape of the mute button, symbolising the relationship of both individuals has been muted, no longer talking or being in contact where their voices would not be heard by each other.

I had so much fun in the process of drawing and filling in the lyrics, this technique could be used in my future projects or artwork.

What do you think? Does the mute button match the song, what image instead you would do?

By the end of the activity, we were told have fun and experiment with lines and shapes. Then I drew an image of an elephant with its nature surrounding, creating repeated patterns, lines, and shapes.


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