The first activity of the lesson was to experiment with lines, seeing what basic lines can create. Which is also interesting as we think about it most drawings start off with lines to a pattern, a shape or an image.

{Negative Shapes}

Next was learning to acknowledge the negative spaces, identify the there’s a shape within the negative space.  As the above, I have an annotation that negative shapes help identify and define the object even more.

{Paper Curl Study}

An observational drawing was carried out by using a curled paper, where shadow and precision of proportion are needed to add to create a dimension instead of a flat image. Even though it wasn’t the best drawing that I have done, I acknowledge weaknesses of mine was not good at shading and working with pencil. As previous studies I have done before in Art was always using brushes and acrylics, thus I will  try to improve more using pencil and techniques on shading.

{Cirlcles and Lines-Hands}

The last activity is basically using circles and lines to draw a hand. Instead of using imagination I have asked a friend of mine to use their hand to draw it from, where accuracy and proportion are more likely to be correct.

To conclude, I think this lesson helps us to acknowledge the importance of basic drawing, lines, shapes, black and whites.


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