Observational drawing.

After the photography session that I have mentioned in the previous posts,we then started to do observational drawings with the setting that was provided.

img_6258-2I had so much fun doing these activities, the one I find most interesting was with using the continuous line so drawing has to be continuous instead of removing the pencil from the surface. The rest of the activities was using negative shapes and overlapping study where we use different media (pencil, pen, charcoal and fine liners).

img_6259-1The above image was another practice of observational drawing from the setting that was provided, even though it wasn’t finished but the purpose was making sure the proportion and the position of the items were correctly drawn and so then details can be added. I did find it hard to add in the details, especially adding letters and wordings.  Since the actual product is on a round surface so the contents cannot be flat instead it needs to be three dimensional like wrapping around the product.


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