The one that spoke to me.FOXP2+

I have a chance to visit the Nottingham Contemporary, one of the artists that were exhibiting was Marguerite Humeau’s FOXP2.I was fascinated the moment I walked in the dark room with noises, but I felt uncomfortable at the same time. Until I stepped into the pink showroom, mixtures of feeling were rushing through. I was upset when the elephants’ figure was set up like an experiment and in a laboratory setting, where there are pipes, test tubes and beakers. On the other hand, the pastel pink and bright white in the room made me felt calm and at peace in an odd way. I personally adore elephants I see them as the kindest animals and guardians of nature.

The one that spoke to me was the figure of an elephant’s head was connected with pipes to a pink vase hold by a white stand. I felt the anger and pain as this work shows how the elephant was killed by ethanol and with the addition of the laboratory alike setting makes it even crueller.

Marguerite Humeau’s work was supported by science which makes it more convincing, she named the project FOXP2 as it was a mutation gene, enabled the arrival of understandable language at the source of our humanity. The showroom shows the prototypes of beings at different phrase of perception. Showing that the elephants’ slow transition to death to trigger viewer’s thoughts and ideas. As Humeau is convinced that Humans have always failed to understand its nature, where there are questions are still unresolved.

Humeau asked zoologists what if FOXP2 never mutated and humanity was never evolved and becomes dominant on Earth. Moreover, which species could have developed, where her thoughts carried on thinking that could elephants have become the dominant species on Earth?


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