Olafur Eliasson_Your House

Analysis of an Artwork: “Your House” Olafur Eliasson


  1. Material/Techniques: Paper, Cutting
  2. Scale: 85:1/908 pages
  3. Space: An actual space made up of pages of book with individual cut outs and corresponds to an image of an actual house
  4. Composition: Well designed on the computer, by constructing a mental physical narrative.
  5. Formal Elements:Shape, form


  1. Title: ‘Your House’
  2. Content: Allowing the reader to have an illusion of walking into the house and through rooms, from front and to back, which it creates a mental and physical narrative.
  3. Theme: “an intensified sense of space, dimensions, materiality and time.”
  4. Art Movement: Modernism, Conceptual Art, Minimalism
  5. Narrative: Eliasson believes reading a book is a physical and mental activitty. Hence the work allowing the reader/audience to walk through the room, page by page and layer by layer. Where both imagination and physical movement of flipping pages, create an experiential narrative, as both physical and mind are happening at the same time.


  1. History: Social, “It is not just about decorating the world, but about taking responsibility.”-Olafur
  2. The Artist: Concept-Olafur Eliasson/Designer-Claudia Baulesch, Micheal Heimann
  3. What is it for? Book as sculpture
  4. What is it? Commission by the library of the Museum of Modern Art

Personal Response

  1. Memory/Experience: It reminds me of children’s book, my childhood memory of reading them, flicking through interesting pages with things popping up/ Which is always interesting and creative.
  2. Visual: Creative, well organised, delicate, detailed structure
  3. Feelings/ Emotions:Interested, Fascinated, and Heartwarming
  4. Opinion: every page is different, once the page is flipped it reveals more or fewer visuals of the interior house.





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