Inspired Artist: Helen Downie

The other day when I was scrolling on Instagram, I saw the amazing artist that was self-taught,  Helen Downie.  She does portraits in a funky unique style of her’s,  Drawing/painting the figure with big eyes and lovely use of colours, she combines fashion into portrait, which I love her work, even more, she took the best of both worlds of fashion and art. Most of her work, despite the eye-catching facial features, the clothing are very detailed and vivid. screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-12-17-40

The following portraits paintings are more early work that when I find Helen Downie as an inspirational artist, the following was used in watercolour and develop 2 portrait paintings.

The following image was a photo I took from Snapchat, using the crown filter where everyone loves to work from. After sketching the feature and outline of my face, I soon used pro markers to build up the colours and below are the development process. Hope you like it! img_7113-1img_7120img_7121img_7122img_7125


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