2 point perspective. ft. Watercolour #tbBarcelona

In this session, we were told to use watercolour and the technique we learned on perspective drawing. I use a photo that I t when I was on the trip to Barcelona, I was amazed and fond of their architecture, unique and individual. I printed off the photo so it enables be to have a clear perspective of the image, where the buildings are located and the accuracy of the architecture. I then pinpoint where the point of perspectives are, to smoothen the process of sketching I also folded the paper to allow me to see it a clearer picture of what everything is (hence the fold marks).

After making marks and lines on the image, I then have a smoother process, where I then quickly sketched out using pencil and the help of a ruler. Then I start to layer and build in layers of watercolour, creating a dissolving effect, an illusion like painting. Last step, a final touch up, I use a pencil to go over the exterior of the building to define it further, allowing the architecture to stand out from the background.

This image was posted on my Instagram account, did a few editing, hope you liked it and please make sure to check out my Instagram account if you haven’t already I post every day!


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