Artist Research: Henri Matisse


I like the colour use that Matisse have used on Blue Nude, by using contrasting colours to allow the figure to stand out. I love how the simplicity of work can demonstrate a strong statement. However, I did not like cutting as I feel like I’m not in control of what the image could turn out but sometimes is what art is all about- expressing and let go. Hence this is what I should work on, being carefree and instead of always wanting to be in control off.Referring to Blue Nudes

Referring to Henri Matisse

img_7688As I said I like the strong bold use of colour, expressing his work through simplicity but in a strong sense. demonstrating how simple can always deliver a statement or feeling to the audience. Even though I did not enjoy doing cut outs as I feel restricted to what the outcome would be. This session, have shown and enabled me to get to know myself more, I like to draw as I feel I could alter and foresee the final result could be. Hence I struggled a little as I wanted to be in control, learning not worry about what it would be, feel it instead like Matisse suggests to base it on feeling and experience. I can never play safe or want to control art, as sometimes the outcome is not as bad as I thought. So even my practical work wasn;t the best translation of Matisse’s work, but I have learnt a lesson of stepping out of my comfort zone and will be a quality to improve on next time.


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