Found Object-Umbrella​.

The initial idea of this piece was inspired by superheroes, such as superman or even recent movies Dr. strange where they have a cape as a part of their costume. However, one thing that occurred to me; was the difference between female and male superheroes, and the fact that ‘Hero’ begins with ‘He’. Just like how History starts with ‘his’. My history teacher once explained to the class how there were barely any records of women’s activity in history instead, men were believed to do the “more” important things. Hence the word history is a record of ‘his-story’. Therefore, I wanted to create a garment as a statement providing the strength and power of being a woman. In turn, allowing females to be a ‘shero’ of their self and creating ‘herstory’. The reason why the ‘found object’ I have chosen was an umbrella, is due to the application of it. Where it reminds me of qualities of women, as the umbrella can be strong and protective, feeling safe under the cover, flexible as it can be bend when closing and sturdy when is opening. Women shouldn’t be seen as weak or worthless in comparison to men. Women are like umbrellas, more amenable towards any situation.


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