Making 3D forms/structure and storyboard.


Sketch and ideas. img_7761

In this session, we were told to create a 3D form/structure and if fashion students are making garment we need to make it with paper only. This initial idea starts from paper, paper is normally white and I associate the colour white with children, being innocent and pure. Leading to my next thought children’s creative mind, hence I recreate a dress based on fairy tale and childhood. Girls wanting to be a princess, living in a castle. Hence the dress is like a princess like evening gown instead of ready to wear clothing. The top was inspired by the exterior of the castle, the bricks on the wall, strongly holding the castle together. Therefore, I created the top trying to mimic the pattern of the bricks building up by weaving with strips of paper. Then I fold papers in repeated pattern and build them in layers to create that big puffy effect.


After creating the dress, I spray painted the dress where the idea was from Alexander Mcqueen’s 1999 collection, No.13. However, my thoughts on the spray paint were original, as I was mentioning how children’s start with pure and innocent, not aware or acknowledge their surroundings. However, when they grow up, knowledge, value, ideas, society will be filling their mind, it might be bad or good or even they not affected and remains pure and clean. Hence the colour black to represent the bad information received and pink to represent wise ones, some areas of white will still remain as it represents our childhood, the pure and innocent side of us.

The following images are the final piece of  what it looked like. Hope you guess like it! There’s a video uploaded-timelapse of the development of the dress.


The above images are sketches of the story board for my animation, based on my initial ideas on the dress.


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