Print Making

Next workshop, printmaking.
Material use:
acetate sheet
block printing ink
foam board,
colour paper

The first method of printmaking: we start off drawing an image on the sheet of coloured paper then pressed against the acetate sheet with block printing inkimg_7716

Then carrying on using the previous print that was made from the acetate sheet and add a new sheet of paper then press against it, soon when releasing the negative space of the image from the acetate will be printed on.


The reason why I have chosen to draw an elephant is due to a recent video and photos I saw on national geographic that the elephant was slaughtered alive and their teeth were pulled out. The graphic images remain in my mind that mankind should stop endangering animals , they have caused us no harm but peace. If instead put ourselves in their shoes we wouldn’t like that

Then I repeated the process, but a with different drawing on it.
The following printing is a Chinese writing and it 野草 means ‘weed’, the reason why I have written is that my mum’s restaurant name and it means so much to her which I am proud of. The meaning behind the name is that weeds grow fast and rapidly in the wild , they are strong no matter in what condition. Hence is what my mum’s restaurant’s aim is to be strong and hoping to open more and more restaurants.


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