Winter Lookbook 2016 (outfit 3)

If you’re someone like me who seek comfort but still want to look on trend. Stay tune to my Winter Lookbook, where I share my outfits and makeup to you. Enjoy! 

The thirds outfit will be more playful, a black oversized hoodie with rose prints around the hood and wordings imprinted on the sleeves. Beneath I have wore an army green dress and since England can get a bit windy so I put on a beanie. For footwear I choose to wear my recent favourite pair of navy blue sneakers. 

For the makeup look, I took the elements of green from my beanie and dress to create this look. For eyeshadow I added a shades of green around the eye area to match the look I’m going for.

Show some love and support if you like this look by liking this post and feel free to comment down below you thoughts and ideas! 

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