Winter Lookbook 2016 (outfit 4)

If you are someone like me who seek comfort but still want to look on trend. Stay tuned to my Winter Lookbook, where I share my outfits and makeup to you. Enjoy!

The fourth outfit is a long maxi denim skirt top with a khaki sweater and wide stripes of red and blue camel scarf, then finishing off the look with my go-to navy blue sneakers. If you are someone doesn’t like wearing a skirt or find it inconvenient, this outfit can also be paired with skinny jeans.

Bear in mind there is no right or wrong way to dress, as long as you are comfortable in your outfit and it should make you confident in who you are. Expressing yourself through the choose of fashion, don’t change to who you are! Embrace and be creative! Be you!


Sweater- Pull & Bear

Skirt-Pull & Bear



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