Fashion Design: Functionalism/Modernism/Art Deco

Functionalism: Jacquemus Fall 2014 Ready to wear collection

Simon Porte Jacquemus’s Fall 2014 Ready to wear collection is predominately based on clean and simple design, whilst the silhouette of the garments are architecturally structured which has created a bold statement.That suits the elements of Functionalism and alongside with the touch of bold colours and shapes, it created a very cheerful outing. Few of my favourites are the slouchy trousers, oversized blazers with bold colours and odd shapes embroidered on and bold yellow dress with white oval appliqués.

Modernism: Arthur Arbesser Spring Summer 2015 Ready To Wear collection

Arthur Arbesser‘s collection was inspired by Modernism, featuring predominate bright and bold colours over black and white with colour blocking geometric prints. The silhouette is linear and clean, this collection is mostly short-sleeved shirts, ample pants and flared skirts. Arthur’s design is simple but played around with contrasting colours and repeated patterns. This style is slightly similar to the previous collection mentioned above, bold colours and simple design but the garment design for this is less structured.

Art Deco: J.Mendel Fall 2012 Ready to wear collection

Last but not least, the fashion designer that’s inspired from Art Deco is  J. Mendel, fall 2012 ready to wear collection display a mellifluous affair. The collection has sharp silhouettes and color-blocking, it concentrates on the soft shapes and based on a neutral palette. The design followed a movement of architectural cutouts and structured top but soft at the bottom of the dress, the dress is a panelled crocodile and metallic tweed. Where it created a strong but yet elegant touch, J. Mendel followed the rule of Art Deco with metallic, mirror and silk liked materials alongside with a touch of Egyptian style.


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