The theory of deconstruction began in the 1970’s with the work of philosopher Jacques Derrida, the belief of a piece of art would not bare with only no one single meaning. While deconstructivism questions the view of the workings in social codes, technologies, and metaphors of representation.

Key Features: 

  • Using broken or shredded forms
  • many layers structures, geometries that are twisted
  • Dismissing the idea of decoration
  • Multi-layered fonts
  • Images imposing different interpretations.
  • Futuristic overtones
  • Deconstruct and re-congregate
  • unpredictability and controlled chaos

David Carson



Frank Gehry

176271791785e3beaff406b2a707f5bafrank-gehry-04-e1448990557871gehrys-plans-for-the-grand-avenue-project-10_2015_gehry_santa_monica-51Ali Ertürk Copy Right

Fashion: Maison Margiela Couture Spring/Summer 2016 collection


In the 1990’s, Martin Margiela, one the first fashion designers transform their design into anti-design alongside with his deconstructive garments. He redefines the standard of displaying a garment/clothing and uses it as his design feature and main signature of his process of garment making, normally seams and construction usually are hidden on the inside.

Margiela designs/styles:.

  • Taking apart linings from vintage dresses
  • all the darts and seams visible
  • Re-think and reshape the appearance of the garment
  •  with seams and construction usually hidden on the inside, he was now disclosing the process of garment making and using it as a design feature.


This collection is the making of an unfinished garment and or re-assembling clothing together, the fashion movement begun in the 90’s though Vivien Westwood showcased her creation of punk and displayed an earlier version of deconstruction in fashion.

[Vivienne Westwood Ready-To-Wear 2011SS]






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