Minimalism emerged as a movement during the 1950s and rapidly growing in the years 60’s, 70’s. It was a major movement of post-modernist art and a trend that react from the society’s consumerism.

This movement minimises the use of art or approach to aesthetic or artistic staples.

Key features:

  • Simple
  • basic and simplified shapes and forms: triangles, circles, squares
  • Dominant Colour: white
  • Lavishing: limited to the minimum
  • Major reference from De Stijl’s work
  • Elegant
  • Quiet colours
  • Clean lines and textures
  • Smooth surface


De Stijl (Art)


Mies van der Rohe (Work/concepts of Architecture) ludwig-mies-van-der-rohegas_station_nuns_island_v210212_sm7

Fashion Brand: COS

COS is a fashion brand for both women and men, a great example for minimalism fashion, they sell to people who seek modern, functional, considered design. Their design care the stylish basic and classics wardrobe essentials, this style of garments are timeless and won’t go out of trend.

Overall Minimal fashion design tends to go the route of anonymous clothing and zeitgeisty geometric or a casual complexity. Afterall minimalism is more than just a style, a design, is a lifestyle, a quiet confidence, seeking comfort and quality over quantity and lavish.


COS – GB (2017) Available at: (Accessed: 23 February 2017).

‘Less is more and beyond’ FC073 week 4 lecture, VLE Kaplan International, Olive Peake viewed: 08/2/17

Walker, H. (2007) Cos: Thoroughly modern minimalism. Available at: (Accessed: 23 February 2017).

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