FINAL PROJECT EVALUATION VIDEO. NOTTINGHAM Instagram @natalie_sitwithme Youtube : natalie sitwithme



Both of these stores are in Notingham, so I thought to look into their official online webpage instead. From there I ananlysised their newest collection, from colours to design. Their websites are simple and stight foeward. ONLINE RESEARCH: TOP SHOP | URBAN OUTFITTERS Topshop  Ruffle details Graffic patterns Floral Pattern Loose fitting Oversized Urban Outfitters …Read more SECONDARY RESEARCH 2


The following are sketchbook pages of the secondary research on designer brands and inspired illustration from the collection.  All of the research are from the designer's newest Ready to wear Pre-fall collection 2017, I have made some notes and pointing out details and highlights of the collection. These features can be later on include and…Read more SECONDARY RESEARCH