Sketches of ideas base on "blazer" IDEA 1[Practising pattern block drawing][Practising pattern block drawing] IDEA 2 [Practising pattern block drawing] [Practising pattern block drawing]



BLAZER 2017 FASHION TREND Research pages on the fashion trend that inspired my design.  FASHION PROTEST Magazine cutouts on the designer brand that have been evolving their design into a political statement. 


Deconstructivism  The theory of deconstruction began in the 1970's with the work of philosopher Jacques Derrida, the belief of a piece of art would not bare with only no one single meaning. While deconstructivism questions the view of the workings in social codes, technologies, and metaphors of representation. Key Features:  Using broken or shredded forms…Read more Deconstructivism

Winter Lookbook 2016 (outfit 4)

If you are someone like me who seek comfort but still want to look on trend. Stay tuned to my Winter Lookbook, where I share my outfits and makeup to you. Enjoy! The fourth outfit is a long maxi denim skirt top with a khaki sweater and wide stripes of red and blue camel scarf,…Read more Winter Lookbook 2016 (outfit 4)