I have done a small online research on fashion taste, preferences and purchasing behaviour. Hoping this could assist and support my ideas on the project. The candidates of this online survey are friends, as conveniently they are the target customers I will be designing for. However, I do understand the result isn't as reliable due to…Read more PRIMARY RESEARCH: ONLINE SURVEY


Both of these stores are in Notingham, so I thought to look into their official online webpage instead. From there I ananlysised their newest collection, from colours to design. Their websites are simple and stight foeward. ONLINE RESEARCH: TOP SHOP | URBAN OUTFITTERS Topshop  Ruffle details Graffic patterns Floral Pattern Loose fitting Oversized Urban Outfitters …Read more SECONDARY RESEARCH 2


Minimalism emerged as a movement during the 1950s and rapidly growing in the years 60's, 70's. It was a major movement of post-modernist art and a trend that react from the society's consumerism. This movement minimises the use of art or approach to aesthetic or artistic staples. Key features: Simple basic and simplified shapes and forms: triangles,…Read more Minimalism

Winter Lookbook 2016 (outfit 4)

If you are someone like me who seek comfort but still want to look on trend. Stay tuned to my Winter Lookbook, where I share my outfits and makeup to you. Enjoy! The fourth outfit is a long maxi denim skirt top with a khaki sweater and wide stripes of red and blue camel scarf,…Read more Winter Lookbook 2016 (outfit 4)

Figure Drawing

In this session, we were introduced to figure drawing. I have found this task slightly  challenging as my figure were all males, which I am not used to. Moreover, due to the long break of the holiday, I haven't been practicing drawing in life. Hence there was a little problem with the technique where I have failed…Read more Figure Drawing