The following is the skethbook page on the gallery visit I went, the title of the gallery is Black Art movement. Culture and Politics arestrongly involved in the world of art, through artwork, painting to deliver a strong message. I believe the work plays a major part, drawing attention, making dicussion and leaving impression to…Read more NOTTINGHAM CONTEMPORARY: BLACK ART MOVEMENT


Both of these stores are in Notingham, so I thought to look into their official online webpage instead. From there I ananlysised their newest collection, from colours to design. Their websites are simple and stight foeward. ONLINE RESEARCH: TOP SHOP | URBAN OUTFITTERS Topshop  Ruffle details Graffic patterns Floral Pattern Loose fitting Oversized Urban Outfitters …Read more SECONDARY RESEARCH 2


The following are primary research and work that is inspired by designs on the visit to a few local designers and retail outlets in Nottingham. This research will enable me to be inspired and take reference from in the later design for the project. ZARA Main Feature and highlight Details on the sleeves/Wide Sleeves Bomber…Read more PRIMARY RESEARCH


OUTLINE OF THE PROJECT As a Designer/Researcher you will begin by conducting research within the local environment (Nottinghamshire), for example: With Fashion and Product Design, you could look at local designers and retail outlets and design a range of garments/products for a specific outlet/designer/market. Before I did anything in the sketchbook, I first did a…Read more PROJECT MINDMAP


Deconstructivism  The theory of deconstruction began in the 1970's with the work of philosopher Jacques Derrida, the belief of a piece of art would not bare with only no one single meaning. While deconstructivism questions the view of the workings in social codes, technologies, and metaphors of representation. Key Features:  Using broken or shredded forms…Read more Deconstructivism


Minimalism emerged as a movement during the 1950s and rapidly growing in the years 60's, 70's. It was a major movement of post-modernist art and a trend that react from the society's consumerism. This movement minimises the use of art or approach to aesthetic or artistic staples. Key features: Simple basic and simplified shapes and forms: triangles,…Read more Minimalism