Watercolour Artists: Cate Parr v.s Anna Wojtczak.

We were assigned to search for two watercolour artist and compare them. The two artist I’ll be comparing is Cate Parr and Anna Wojtczak.

Cate Parr is an English fashion illustrator based in California, she paints mainly in watercolour. She has worked with many different companies includes Gilly Hicks, Material Girl Cosmetics, and L’avion. Nevertheless, she is well known in the art world in the work where she is inspired by fashion shows or people’s garments she sees and finds interesting.

On the other hand, Anna Wojtcak is a painter that no only works with watercolour she also uses oil, acrylic, drawing and digital. She tends to use colour to build up the intense coloured texture, hence Anna’s work are more leaning towards semi-abstract and conceptional, where her work are mostly based on nature or memory.

So by comparing the work of two artists, Anna’s work tends to be abstract and like to use watercolour to build up the intensity and create texture. Whereas Cate Parr she like uses watercolour to blend the colour to another, hence her work never just use one colour.Not just the garment has various of colour, even the facial feature she uses a different colour. Both artists use watercolour very differently, representing that watercolour can create innovation and diversity, or could reveal new shapes or colour.

Below images are my sketchbook work where I attempt to try to work in style of the artist, watercolour is not my area, as I feel I’m not in control of it and would not know how it turned out. However, I’m pleased with how it turned out. img_7747img_7744img_7745img_7746


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